Arianna Lavelle

Graduation Year




high school

Merion Mercy Academy


Fairfield University (DI)


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“I chose to go to Fairfield because the first time I walked on campus I knew I could definitely see myself going there. It had everything I wanted in a college. I knew that Fairfield would challenge me both academically and athletically. The campus is beautiful and the lacrosse team really made me feel that this would be the place I could call home for the next four years of my life.”

“Some advice I would give to younger Blast players is to not rush into things. When you are considering going to a college take lacrosse out of the picture. If you can’t see yourself going there without playing lacrosse then thats okay theres still many options! This is a huge decision so you want to take your time.”

“Definitely my teammates. We have all grown so close throughout the years. I will always value the friendships I have made throughout my years in Philly Blast.”

ODU, St. Joes, Cincinnati, UNH

“First,I would like to thank Coach Field and Coach Slifer for giving me this amazing opportunity. I would like to thank my club coach, Josie and my school coach Mr. Geary for forming me into the player that I am today and always pushing me to do my best.I would also like to thank my parents and sisters for always driving me to tournaments and being the best supporters. Last, I want to thank my blast and merion teammates for always pushing me to be the player I am and always having my back.”