Camryn Faith

Graduation Year




high school

Garnet Valley High School


Hofstra University (DI)


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“I am excited to attend Hofstra and proud to be part of their women’s lacrosse team. They have top rated program and the coaches are dedicated to it’s success. When I visited the school, I was so impressed with the campus, the facilities, the academic support and their commitment to helping their athletes succeed on the field and in the classroom. I plan to major in communications.”

“Do your part in the recruiting process! Send emails, showcase yourself, keep communication going but most of all don’t limit yourself! So many opportunities can come your way so keep your mind open to all the possibilities! Reach beyond your goals!”

“I love the girls on my Philly Blast team! We compete against one another during the school year but we really come together as teammates and friends for Blast. I could not have gotten through the recruiting process without the support and direction from my Blast coaches. They have pushed me to be a more responsible player and person.”

Drexel University, St. Joe’s University, La Salle University

GVHS Soccer & Basketball, community service at TOPS Soccer, local youth sports club mentor, ref and coach clinic for new young players in the community.

“I want to thank my Philly Blast coaches, especially Josie Ferri, for challenging me to be the best player I can be. I want to thank Coach Purvis, my GVHS varsity head coach, for seeing my potential as a freshman to be part of the 2015 PA State Championship team. Thanks most of all to my family for your love, support, direction and time you spend helping me reach my goals.”