Camryn Ryan

Graduation Year




high school

Hatboro-Horsham High School


Drexel University (DI)


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I chose Drexel because it felt like home to me. I love the city and am so excited to live there. Even when I was younger I always loved going to the city, whether it was for a Phillies game, ice skating or the zoo. Drexel has a great lacrosse program and after meeting the coaches and players in person I knew this was the school for me. I am overjoyed to soon be apart of this amazing team.

It is a long process but take your time and do not rush into anything. Talk with your parents about it and definitely make a list of pros and cons for each school recruiting you. Work hard on and off the field and never be afraid to make mistakes.Take risks and always give it 100%.

I love everything about Philly Blast. My teammates are the nicest and best people to be around and it is so fun having friends from different high schools. The incredible coaching staff has helped me improve tremendously and I cannot thank them enough.

Lafayette, Monmouth, Old Dominion

3 year Varsity Soccer and Basketball starter, First team All League for Soccer (2018), National Tournament Philly Team 3 (2018), Student Council

I would like to thank Josie and Julie for helping me through the recruiting process and creating this amazing club that gave me the unbelievable opportunity to be recruited. I would also like to thank my parents and family for supporting me through everything and driving me to the endless practices and tournaments.