Emily Camuti

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Cardinal O'Hara High School


La Salle University (DI)


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I chose La Salle because of the friendly atmosphere of the campus when I had visited. The team was so kind and made me feel welcome from the start. It was clear to me that the coaches loved what they were doing and wanted a competitive yet enjoyable program. I was also very impressed with all of the academic opportunities that would be possible at La Salle.

I would tell the younger players that are beginning the recruiting process to keep an open mind. It is also very useful to ask for guidance throughout the entire process and to remember that it will work out you just need to put in the effort.

My favorite part of playing Philly Blast was playing with my team at the tournaments. I loved the team I was on and all of the friends I made since joining.

Temple, Davidson

Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Academic Honors Convocation, 2 Year Varsity Lacrosse Player

I want to thank my coaches especially my club coach Josie Ferri for guiding me and encouraging me throughout the recruiting process. She has made an impact on my life as a lacrosse player and helped me grow. I also want to thank my parents for being with me through everything and reminding me to never give up. Lastly, I want to thank the La Salle Coaches for providing me with this opportunity.