Erin McGovern

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high school

Central Bucks East


Wofford College (DI)


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“I really loved Coach Miller and her philosophy with Women’s lacrosse. She was originally the Coach at Goucher College, and when I went down there for a recruiting day, we really connected. After she told me she was leaving to start a new D1 program in SC, called Wofford, I fly down with my family to check out the College. I fell in love with the school, and the campus! It is a small Liberal Arts College, but has a Business program that I can major in, plus it is mandatory for students to study abroad for one semester, even the D1 athletes.”

“Make sure you visit all of the colleges you are interested in playing at. I would also make sure you connect and set up meetings directly with the college coaches you are interested in trying to get into. After you make that connection with them, they will remember you in the future and will respond to you when you reach out to them. Find a college you really love, in case you don’t end up playing all 4 years there, and can still finish your degree if you are not playing lacrosse.”

“I love the level of play that the girls play at, being all D1 recruits. I was new to the team due to my other Club team folding, so I came onto the team at the last minute when everyone was playing together for a long time. They we all very accepting of me and welcomed me in, right away to the team. I love the coaches as well!”

I was looking originally at D3 schools, Albright, Goucher, Stevenson, but Coach Miller told me I had the abilities and what is takes to play D1, and she saw in me what my HS program did not. She put me in a different position (defensive/midfield), where I excelled and LOVE that position over playing attack

National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Heifer Club (raising money to buy cattle to feed impoverished villages), Church volunteer in Nursery on Sunday mornings, Working 20+ hours/week as a Hostess at a local restaurant. 2 year captain in the girls lacrosse program

“Thank you soooo much again for Josie taking me on the team last minute to be able to continue to play at a high level, with high level D1 players. This helps me to continue keeping my skills sharp for the upcoming HS lax season and onward to Fall in college.”