Hayden Posencheg

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Duquesne University (DI)


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“I chose Duquesne because I loved the area and how the campus is right in Pittsburgh but doesn’t feel very urban. I also loved the coaches and I felt that their conference (Atlantic 10) would be a great fit for me.”

“Stay confident no matter how many coaches are at a game, stay positive and go after everything on the field, and to have fun.”

“My team. It’s fun when you have so much chemistry in one group, and I think that’s the core factor of how we go out and play to win every game. Also the coaches are great and love to have fun with us but are really instructive as well.”

Dartmouth, Army, La Salle, F&M

Varsity Soccer, Student Admissions Committee, Student Council, Yearbook, Service Club

“I would like to thank Josie and my parents for helping me throughout the recruiting process, and for helping me continue to grow as a player.”