Lauren Cipollone

Lauren Cipollone

Graduation Year




High School

Garnet Valley High School


Ursinus College (DIII)

Why did you pick this college?

“I knew immediately when I stepped on campus. This was where I was going to spend the next four years of my life. I felt a deep connection to the college and could vividly picture my future here.”

What advice would you give to younger Blast players beginning the recruiting process?

“Listen to Josie, she knows what she’s talking about and will bend over backwards for you, appreciate it!”

Whatโ€™s your favorite part of playing for Blast?

“The genuine care the coaches have for their players was what really makes the whole experience so much better than just someone helping you with your recruiting and technical skills. Philly Blast really felt like a family.”

What other colleges were you considering?

Colgate University, Lebanon Valley College, Gettysburg College

Achievements, other sports or activities, etc

Additional Comments

“Thank you to everyone that assisted me on my journey. I am incredibly grateful for your support and guidance, and I can’t tell you in words just how much you have impacted my life. Thanks!”