Maura Carey

Maura Carey

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Wagner College (DI)

Why did you pick this college?

“It has everything I was hoping for in a school: the major I want to study (special education) and a really pretty campus along with a competitive lacrosse program that’s headed in the right direction. I also love the size and location: it’s not too close to home but close enough for my parents to come to games.”

What advice would you give to younger Blast players beginning the recruiting process?

“Keep your options open. Even if you don’t think you have a shot at playing at the school, it’s still almost always worth emailing/contacting anyways, you might be exactly the type of player they’re looking for. Also, not to be too hard on yourself, everything will fall into place.“

What’s your favorite part of playing for Blast?

“My team. I’ve grown so close with all of my teammates and coaches the past three years and it’s the highlight of every summer. Unlike some other programs, everyone at blast is encouraging and accepting.”

What other colleges were you considering?

Quinnipiac, Robert Morris, Washington College

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