Rory Turner

Rory Turner

Graduation Year




High School

Haverford High School


Towson University (DI)

Why did you pick this college?

I loved how close the campus was in an urban and suburban environment with still feeling like a traditional college campus. Theres also a large variety of majors that I’m interested in. Campus is also close to home but still far enough away that it feels a lot different than home

What advice would you give to younger Blast players beginning the recruiting process?

Don’t wait and procrastinate just because it seems overwhelming. Also don’t jump at the first school that offers money make sure that you would want the school even if you weren’t playing lacrosse. Take your time and enjoy the process you will find a school that is best for you it just might take some time.

Whatโ€™s your favorite part of playing for Blast?

Gaining all the friendships that I have with my teammates

What other colleges were you considering?

Monmouth, Robert Morris, UMBC, and St Bonaventure

Achievements, other sports or activities, etc

Honor Roll, FBLA, Volunteering at my Church, National Tournament 2021, Under Armour 2019

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