Sydney Wolfington

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Agnes Irwin


Penn State University (DI)


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“I chose Penn State because I really loved the campus, the facilities, the team dynamic, treatment of athletes, and the school as a whole! The majors offered there are a great fit for me, and the school spirit really left a lasting impact on me. Coach Doherty and her coaching staff are great and they have formed a very successful team, and I’m so excited to become a part of it in the future!”

“Never doubt yourself! Always send lots of emails, play hard, keep an open mind throughout the whole process, and take your time!”

“I love my team so much! We’ve been playing together for so long and we have become so close. It’s so fun playing against each other during the school year, then playing together in the summer! I will always value the friendships and memories I have made throughout out the years with these girls!”

UMass, Marquette, UNC

AIS Varsity Lacrosse (Inter-Ac & State Champs), Philly National Tournament Team, UnderArmour Uncommitted 2018 Team, AIS Varsity Basketball (Most Improved award recipient), AIS Varsity Field Hockey

“I’d like to thank Josie and Julie for all their help and support throughout the whole process, I wouldn’t be the same person and player that I am today without them! I also want to thank my school coach, Coach Duck for always pushing me to be a stronger player, and always seeing potential in me! Lastly, I want to thank my family for always being there for me, and driving me to the many lacrosse events throughout the years.”