Speed & Agility

Cory Walts, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Haverford College, conducts all of Philly Blast’s speed and agility sessions throughout the year. These sessions are open only to club members. Read more about Cory Walts HERE.


Lacrosse is a series of stops and starts. The best players slow down in a controlled fashion before making a cut and sprinting back to top speed. You see this when a top player sprints to a ball off a draw; or runs toward a defender before dodging to goal; or chases down the ball carrier to prevent transition; or races to the endline to earn the ball back.


Having linear speed is a game changer, but something much more important to overall performance is having the ability to changedirection at a quicker rate. Performing drills or exercises that will help you react quicker on the field, or shave a few seconds off of each turn in a game, will allow you to build your offensive and defensive games dramatically.

Speed & Agility is a motor task, and because of this, it is important to learn correct mechanics and proper running/agility forms from a professional. We realize that these types of trainings are not meant to be cardio sessions; instead all trainings that are focused on speed, agility, or speed endurance should be focused on short and intense bursts of speeds