Club Policies


It is CRUCIAL that all players demonstrate commitment not only to Philly Blast, but also to their individual development and growth by attending all training and tournaments sessions in season.

  • All players (youth, middle school, high school) are expected to attend all mandatory practices. While Philly Blast HIGHLY encourages dual-sport and multi-activity participation, it is the player’s responsibility to be committed to the program and communicate in advance if a conflict should arise.
  • High school players expecting to miss a mandatory event should contact Josie AND Julie in writing as soon as possible. If your absence is not excused, your playing time will be significantly affected at the next tournament (up to 50 minutes or 1 game).
    • An excused absence might include: attending a wedding, funeral or college graduation of a close family member; attending a significant religious event; attending a mandatory high school activity, provided there is no alternative option available; taking the SAT/ACT; participating as a player in one’s high school athletic events; attending critical college recruiting activities (camp, clinic, visit).
    • Examples of unexcused absences include: going on vacation; going to a concert; playing in a sports league or game other than official in-season high school games outside of Philly Blast
    • Illness/Injury: If a player is physically unable to participate in practice to due to injury or illness, she will be excused. However, it is the expectation that the player attend practice while unable to play due to injury or illness, provided that attendance does not risk further injury to the player, adversely affect recovery from the injury or illness, or expose other players to a contagious illness. A player should notify Josie & Julie about her injury or illness as soon as possible, using the online request for absence form.
  • If you have paid your summer membership in full and incur an injury that will not allow you to participate for the summer, notify us by April 1. The only way a refund would be issued is due to injury and a doctor’s note is necessary to confirm.
  • We WILL NOT refund for those players that decide they no longer want to play or take a break from lacrosse.
  • If we find that a refund is due, we will refund all but your non-refundable registration deposit. The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances no matter when you registered.
  • We will do not prorate for any mandatory events/dates that a player can’t make. This includes offseason training teams.
  • 24 hour notice is required to receive a refund for an optional clinic registration. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a credit towards a future clinic in the same year. No refund or credit will be given once the event has started.


  • Arrive to your practice site 10-15 minutes early, ready to warm up/partner pass
  • If you are running late, just come straight onto the field and jump in the drill
  • Always wear Blast uniform & shorts to practices and club events
  • Bring stick, googles, mouthguard, stick, water/gatorade and both cleats/turfs & sneakers

Inclement Weather

  • TeamSnap Alert
  • If practice has not started yet, players should wait in cars with parents/teammates
  • If practice has started, players will be brought to the designated safe location until the all clear is given


  • Bring uniform, goggles, mouthguard, stick, warm-up ball, water/gatorade, healthy snacks & cleats/sneakers
  • Always check the tournament schedule the night before & before you leave that morning, especially if it has rained
  • Arrive on-site 1 hour early before first game of the day (PARKING CAN BE CHALLENGING)
  • Meet at field 45 minutes early, ready to check-in with coach & begin warm up 30 minutes prior
  • If you are running late for a tournament, just arrive as soon as possible. Email or text your site manager if you will be significantly delayed
  • Between games hydrate & eat – arrive back at field ~20 minutes before next game
  • Tents/tailgates – if your team chooses to organize a tailgate or tent area, all team members should be included and all team members are responsible for clean up.

Behavior & Expectations

  • We do not allow parents to stand on the same side of field as the team – please stand/sit on the opposite sideline
  • Please be a sideline supporter, not a sideline coach. Allow the coaches to coach the teams – do not shout “shoot it” or “pass it” or any other coaching suggestions to ANY players on the field.
  • Please positively support and cheer for ALL players on the field, not just your own daughter. If you are unable to cheer positively, please do not say anything at all. This also goes for the ref’s decisions.
  • Parents and players cannot talk to college coaches at the tournament – NCAA Rules (D1, D2 and D3). Please do not make coaches feel uncomfortable by standing close by when they are trying to take notes.
  • College coaches are everywhere and are ALWAYS listening to parent conversations… coaches do judge players, teams, AND CLUBS based on parents’ actions on the sideline – please represent Philly Blast positively by encouraging all players on the field and by respecting the ref’s decisions/calls.


  • For questions or concerns regarding playing time, contact Julie and Josie directly. Conversations regarding feedback/development should occur in a scheduled meeting during the week before or after practice
  • Any players who are hit in the head in a game must see the athletic trainer to be cleared before re-entering the game. Any players who go down during the game and are slow to get up or cannot get up unless play is stopped will not be permitted to re-enter the game and must be cleared by an athletic trainer to play in next game of the tournament (if applicable).

Fees & Expenses

  • Tournament fees vary by grad year and team. All tournament fees must be paid in full before tournament participation. We do NOT prorate for any unattended tournaments.
  • Travel Expenses are separate from club membership fees and hotel accommodations for tournaments are the players and parents’ responsibility.
  • If a tournament requires hotel reservations through a specific travel agency, parents must comply with their policy. If the entire team does not reserve through their links the team would be removed from the tournament. (i.e. All IWLCA tournaments require this). Information regarding tournament hotels and travel can be found directly on the tournament website.

US Lacrosse Membership

  • All Philly Blast players are required to be members of US LACROSSE to supplement personal insurance policies. ALL TOURNAMENTS REQUIRE THAT ATHLETES HAVE THIS COVERAGE.
  • You must renew your membership annually. We will check memberships monthly.
  • To become a US Lacrosse Member or check your membership status, please visit: