Program Overview

 Who We Are

Philly Blast Lacrosse is a competitive club girls lacrosse program with youth, middle and high school tournament level teams (grades 4 – 12). We typically have one or two teams in each age group. Teams practice at Villanova University, Episcopal Academy, and Main Line Sports Center.

Time Commitment Progression

In Blast, as players get older, the time commitment for both training and tournaments increases. Over the summer, youth teams play 3-4 tournaments and attend approximately 12-14 practices. Youth team schedules are concentrated in the beginning of the summer (mid-May through end of the June) to allow for young players and families to continue vacation and/or sleep away camp traditions. In the offseason, fall clinics & tournaments are optional for youth & middle school players. Youth & middle school players have mandatory offseason practices in the fall, winter and spring. The number of practices per season varies by age group.

As players near high school, commitment to the club increases. 8th – 11th grade teams have mandatory fall tournaments (3-5), more summer tournaments (4-5) and train more frequently in the fall and winter months. In the spring, high school players are completely off in the spring in order to focus on their varsity season.

Selection Process & Criteria

Tryouts are held in July & August each year. Specific dates are typically announced in early June and posted on the homepage of our website. All players are reevaluated annually. Philly Blast’s club membership invitations extend for one year of participation only. Read more about our tryout process here.

Directors & Coaches

Philly Blast Lacrosse is owned and directed by Julie Young and Josie Ferri (read more here). Julie and Josie are supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable group of coaches. Blast’s coaching staff includes current and former Division I, II, and III coaches and players. Read our complete list of coaches here.

Club Membership Fees

Schedules vary by grad year & team. Specific breakdown of commitment and fees are included in each team’s official invitation following tryouts.


Club & Training Fee – Non-refundable first deposit made during initial registration

  • 3-6 fall practices, varies by grad year (September-November)
  • 7-8 winter lacrosse training sessions (December-January)
  • Team placement session (February)
  • 2-5 spring practices, varies by grad year (April)
  • 12-14 summer practice sessions (May/June/July)
  • TeamSnap Account
  • Field & Space Rentals at pristine facilities
  • Access to offseason clinics, positional training and tournaments (Fall & Winter)
  • Website Fees
  • Insurance
  • Administrative Costs
  • Team Equipment

Summer Tournament Fee – Dependent on number and type of events, announced each fall

  • 3-4 summer youth tournaments (June/July)
  • Coaches salary, travel & stipends

The Youth & Middle School teams attend 3-4 Summer Tournaments usually in the MD, PA, and NJ area. Examples of summer tournaments: Summer Showcase (MD), Lax by the Sea (NJ), Live Love Lax (NJ), Lax for the Cure (NJ), Project 120 (PA), and Laxin Out Loud (MD). Additional costs: travel and official UA team uniform. Fall clinics, fall tournaments and spring league are optional and have individual registration varying in cost.


Club & Training Fee – Non-refundable first deposit made during initial registration

  • 10-12 fall team practices, varies by grad year (September-November)
  • 2-5 winter team practices, varies by grad year (December-February)
  • 5 spring practices (current 8th grade/rising 9th team only)
  • 10-12 summer practice sessions (May/June/July)
  • TeamSnap Account (team communication)
  • Krossover Account (film/storage breakdown)
  • ConnectLax Account (recruiting platform)
  • Field & Space Rentals at Pristine Facilities
  • Recruiting Advice & Guidance (read more here)
  • College Recruiting Seminars
  • Website Fees
  • Insurance
  • Administrative Costs
  • Team Equipment

Tournament Fee – Dependent on number and type of events each player attends, announced each fall

High school teams attend 3-5 Summer Tournaments and 2-5 November Tournaments. Fall tournament examples: Primetime, Rivalry Challenge, Fall Face Off, Diamond Games, Fall Throw Down, Next Level and President’s Cup. Summer tournament examples: Summer Genesis, Champions Cup, Lax for the Cure, Live Love Lax, Project 120, T3 Top Flight and Mid-Atlantic. Additional costs: travel, official UA team uniform, additional positional training and optional spring league (8th grade teams only).