Quick Tips & Advice

During our recruiting seminars throughout the year, we educate all of our players in-depth on the following topics:

  • Differences between Division I, II, and III
    • Competition calendar
    • Recruiting timeline
    • NCAA Rules
    • Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • How to write a cover letter/email (sample)
  • How to write and what to include in an athletic resume (sample)
  • Communicating and responding to coaches’ emails
  • Do’s & Don’ts

Listed below are some quick tips & advice on beginning the recruiting process: where to start, questions to ask yourself, types of questions to ask coaches, and important things to remember.

Where to Start!?

Visit some campuses! What do you like?

  • Size: Small, Medium, Big
  • Type of Campus: Urban, Suburban, Rural
  • Location: Northeast, MidAtlantic, South, etc
  • Academic Interest: Specific major availability, academic fit

Make a College List!

  • Include Dream, Realistic, and Safety schools for academic and athletic fit

Contact College Coaches!

  • Emails
    • Do NOT mass email or BCC
    • Players should always write the emails (not parents)
    • Make it personal!
    • Email OFTEN! Keep in touch!
  • Make a Player Profile Sheet/Resume
    • Detailed outlines and examples provided during club recruiting seminars

Attend Camps & Clinics

  • One day recruiting clinics on campus
  • College camps (look at coaching staff – is it just the school’s staff or will other coaches be working the camp)
  • Showcase camps

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What are my goals for my college lacrosse experience?
    • What type of impact will I make?
    • Am I willing to wait to play?
    • What role am I willing to play?
  • Academic Questions
    • How hard do I work in school?
    • What are my goals for my college education?
    • What are my plans after college?

Types of Questions to Ask Coaches

  • Coaching Style, Team Culture
  • Academic Standards for Recruits
  • Recruiting Timeline and Commitments
  • Team Training & Competition Calendar

Important Things to Remember

  • Do your research
  • Find the best mix
  • Be proactive
  • Be honest and straightforward
  • Always keep an open mind