Famer supports sports organizations and coaches with advanced communication tools to enable team and personal training programs with interactive feedback between athletes and their trainers. Our club uses Famer for all middle school and youth teams to provide an extensive video library of drills and skills created by owners Julie & Josie. Players have the ability to browse videos, complete workouts and even submit feedback videos to Julie and Josie. Check out Famer here.


Just Play is "an all-in-one solution for coaches to prepare faster and connect with today’s athlete." Philly Blast utilizes the Just Play platform for a group of teams for playbooks, game lingo and strategy to prepare for competitive tournament and league play.


IWLCARecruits is a college recruiting website that helps student-athletes with the college recruiting process. Each Philly Blast high school player is provided a SportsRecruits membership. This allows them to upload unlimited videos and create highlight reels, connect with college coaches, keep an updated recruiting profile and even search for programs based on major, location, size and more!