Blast Recruiting Benefits

Personal Communication & Meetings

Julie and Josie are available to meet and/or speak with each and every Philly Blast player about their college recruiting process, free of charge. We are invested in your recruiting process as student-athelete and want to help you find the right match for the next stage of your lacrosse career! We are happy to help you manage your college list, suggest programs based off of your academic and athletic standings and answer any questions you may have.


We believe in giving honest feedback when it comes to both skill development/progress and recruiting options. Not every Philly Blast player will play at the Division I level, but we do believe that there is a program out there for everyone willing to find the right match. During the recruiting process, we will be open about where we see your athletic ability and skills best fitting a collegiate program.


Every Philly Blast player has the option of using Josie Ferri as their coaching reference/coach contact when emailing or communicating with coaches. We are very proud of our communication speed between college coach-club coach-club player. If a college coach reaches out to Philly Blast about feedback on a player, that coach will receive a response in less than 12 hours. If a college coach reaches out to Philly Blast about getting in touch with a club player, that player will receive an email within 6 hours. In the majority of cases, however, communications usually occur within 1-2 hours.


Philly Blast runs small group recruiting seminars for teams as well as large recruiting seminars across multiple age groups over the course of the year. These sessions help inform and educate both players and parents on the state of college recruiting across Division I, II, and III. As a current Division I head coach, Julie Young knows the current trends, rules, and timeline for the college recruiting process. The pace of recruiting has changed drastically over recent years and its crucial for players to understand the recruiting calendar, the difference between Divisions, and how to receive the most exposure.


To put it simply, we know a lot of people! Josie has served as the club’s primary recruiting contact since inception and has build relationships with many programs and coaches across all divisions. Julie played at Princeton University and on Team USA, coached at the University of Pennsylvania (DI), Haverford College (DIII), and now currently at Villanova University (DI). From coaching across multiple divisions and playing at the national level, Julie knows many coaches and has connections with many collegiate programs.