Leadership & Mentality

Leadership & Mentality

Philly Blast believes in helping young athletes develop leadership skills and mental toughness, both of which are extremely important not only for playing lacrosse at the next level, but also for being successful in life.

Leadership Training

In the winter and early spring, we offer a leadership course for middle and high school players (8th-10th grade). This classroom series facilitates discussion on what it means to lead on and off the field, how to hold teammates accountable, and how to help refocus teammates when they are down or distracted. Players work through Jeff Jansenโ€™s โ€œTeam Captainโ€™s Leadership Manualโ€ and learn what it takes to be a leader regardless of skill level or age!

Mentality Training

In conjunction with our winter leadership course, we also hold a classroom series for mentality training with a sports psychologist to help players develop productive patterns of thought during time of high and low performance. Mentality training helps players acquire the proper tools and knowledge for controlling emotions in all situations. Training will also take place during our practice times throughout the summer!