Allie Scannapieco

Graduation Year




high school

Merion Mercy Academy


George Washington University (DI)


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“George Washington University has everything that I was looking for in a college. The outstanding academics, urban location, and the up and coming lacrosse program fit all of my criteria. D.C. is a wonderful city with endless opportunities. The new coaching staff has terrific plans for the program, and I know this is a school where I will be pushed to my highest potential and make an impact on the team. The coaches create a positive team environment, and understand the importance of academics on top of lacrosse.”

“Keep emailing coaches! Find out what kind of school you like and attend as many showcases and college clinics as possible. Work on your stick work everyday, wall ball is extremely helpful!”

“It is much more than a lacrosse team, it is a family. My team has become so close over the past few years, and we know each others strengths and how to help each other out on the field. Not many teams have been playing together as a whole for as long as we have. The coaches are extremely insightful, always helping us work on our stick work, foot work, and technique. They have guided me through the recruiting process and I would not of been able to do it without them.”

George Mason, Cal Berkeley, VCU

Honor Roll, National Honors Society, Math Honors Society, Varsity Field Hockey, Honorable Mention All-Mainline (Lacrosse), PIAA District Champions (Lacrosse)