Ally Marino

Graduation Year




high school

The Episcopal Academy


Franklin & Marshall (DIII)


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“I chose F&M because of the amazing lacrosse program and great academics. F&M offers a chance to receive an excellent education while competing at the highest level of D3 lacrosse.”

“Keep an open mind! A school may express interest in you that you never would have thought about going to. Just visit the campus and make your judgement then!”

“My favorite part of playing for Philly Blast is by far my team! I have built some of the most amazing friendships from playing with these girls and couldn’t imagine Blast without them!”

Davidson, Bucknell, Gettysburg, Middlebury

Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Winter Track, Gallery Board, Epolitan, Model UN, Horizons

“I would like to thank my parents for also supporting me throughout this process. Without them encouraging me through all decisions I would not be where I am today! I also want to thank everyone who is a part of Philly Blast, especially my coaches and teammates! It is you who made me want to spend half of my summer playing lacrosse and you who made it so fun!”