Devin Taulane

Graduation Year




high school

Garnet Valley High School


High Point University (DI)


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“I chose High Point because it had everything I had wished for in a school. I knew it could challenge me both academically and athletically. When I met the coaches and players, I knew right away it was the place for me. The competitive nature of the team and their drive for success is something I look forward to being a part of.”

“Look at as many schools as possible. When you find one you are interested in, spend time with the players and coaches to make sure it’s the right fit for you!”

“My favorite part of playing Philly Blast lacrosse is the players and coaches. My club coach Josie Ferri has helped me improve my lacrosse skills and really helped me through the recruiting process. I love playing with my teammates because they are all very talented and it makes me work harder to become a better player.”

Drexel, Bryant, VCU, Fresno State

Varsity & Club Volleyball

“I would like to thank my club coach Josie Ferri for helping me through my recruiting process and improving my skills. None of this would be possible without the help and guidance I have gotten from her. I look forward to having Josie as my coach for the next two years of my high school career as I know she will help me improve my game and prepare me for college. I would also like to thank Coach Purvis, and Coach Grossi for supporting me through Garnet Valley. Coach Purvis drives me to become a better player each day. I’m happy to be a part of such a competitive program at Garnet Valley High school. Thank you Coach Mckee, Mclaughlin, and Kalsih for coaching me during my days at BYC. You have taught me the fundamentals of the game and made it fun to play and to love the game! I would also like to thank my teammates at Garnet Valley and Blast for pushing me to become a better player and teaching me what its like to really become a close team. I would like to thank my brothers Joseph and Matt for introducing me to lacrosse at such a young age. I am your biggest fan! Also, my parents for always being there through the wins and losses and encouraging me to be a better player and have fun in the game. I cannot wait until my years at High Point and I know they will be my biggest fans sitting on the sidelines cheering me on!”