Emma Williams

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Garnet Valley High School


Lock Haven University (DII)

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I chose Lock Haven because I felt it was the best fit for me academically and athletically. I loved meeting the current and future players there, also how welcoming and helpful the coaches are. The size and location are perfect for me! When I went on my first visit there I really felt like I was at home.

Though it takes a while to talk to coaches, it is worth the wait. Use your freshman and sophomore year to figure out your top choices and get on campus! Visit as many schools so you can figure out which one fits you best. Do your best in tournaments, clinics, and practices.

My favorite part about playing for Blast are the relationships I have made with the coaches and my teammates. I am always excited when its summer and I get the chance to play with them. Playing for Blast has help me grown as a lacrosse player and how to be a good teammate. You not only become a better player you become a better person!

Bloomsburg, Kutztown, IUP, Millersville, Shippensburg

Honor roll, member of lacrosse and soccer team, Lifting club, German club, Chinese club

I would like to thank Josie for all the help she has given me during the recruiting process. Without her I would not be where I am now. Her constant help and support has really made me believe in myself. I would also like to thank my sister and my mom for helping me email coaches, always supporting me, and watching me grow as a lacrosse player.