Georgie Gorelick

Graduation Year




high school

Academy of Notre Dame


Johns Hopkins University (DI)


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I chose Hopkins because it is both a great school academically and athletically. Hopkins has a great lacrosse program with lots of tradition that I found so unique! From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew that Hopkins was a place I could see myself. The coaches and everyone I met were so welcoming!

It can be a long process, but there is a program and school for everyone! Always hustle and play hard, and make sure to have fun! Hard work pays off! Don’t be afraid to take risks, make mistakes, or be uncomfortable. Its how you get better!

My favorite part of playing Blast is the relationships I have made with the players and coaches over the years! Everyone on my team is so close, I’m always looking forward to the next practice or tournament because we have so much fun playing together! I have grown so much as a player, person, and leader since I started Blast 5 years ago!

Michigan, BU, Fairfield, Delaware, Harvard

I would like to thank Josie and Julie for helping me find the school for me and for making me the player I am today! They have both been so helpful throughout the process! I also want to thank my high school coach, Xan Zimatore for helping throughout my recruiting process and helping me with my decision. Lastly, I would like to thank my Dad for always being by my side and supporting me!