Grace DeCarolis

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high school

Ridley High School


Wagner College


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I chose Wagner because its amazing location, hardworking and energetic team culture, academics, and because the coaching staff is phenomenal and instantly made me feel apart of something special.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Attends camps and clinics when you can to show how talented you really are. Don’t forget to email college coaches with your dates of tournaments (Best way to keep college coaches posted and to express your interest). Recruiting definitely can get intense, so make sure you are patient and don’t stress out, everything will work out!

My favorite part of playing for Philly Blast is my team and the family we developed. I am insanely grateful for them and I don’t know where I’d be without them. As an only child, this team made me feel like I had sisters of my own. I loved working with goalie coach Kate Goldstein. She is an absolute stud and is the best goalie coach out there. Josie, Julie and all the other coaches are incredibly knowledgeable, determined, and hardworking, and they’ve helped me through so much as well.

UAlbany, UConn, Lafayette, Temple, St. Bonnies, Fairfield

2019 National Lacrosse Classic 2023 Champion; 3x Semi-Finalist for Nike NXT Philly Showcase Queen of the Crease, 1x Finalist/ 2019 Fall Nike NXT Philly Showcase All Star/ 2021 NXT Atlantic All Star, 3 year HS Varsity Starter; All honors & AP student in school (accelerated stem cohort), honor roll 9th, 10th, 11th grade

I want to thank Josie, Julie, Kate, and the rest of the coaching staff for their help throughout my years playing with this team and their help during the recruiting process! Without them and their hard work and determination, I wouldn’t be the player I am today. I am extremely grateful to have been influenced by them. They are truly incredible. I would like to thank my teammates, both Blast and Ridley, for being there for me during my lacrosse career and making me a better person and player every day I spend with them. I would like to thank Coach DiCave, Coach Mara, and the rest of the Ridley coaching staff for being so encouraging and reliable during my 3 years of competitive high school lacrosse. Lastly, I wanted to thank my family for all their generous support and love throughout these years!