Grace Trautman

Graduation Year




high school

Avon Grove High School


Florida Southern College (DII)


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I chose Florida Southern College because I love the coaching staff and environment. I wanted to go to school in Florida and Florida Southern is a perfect fit for me. It’s got great academics, great facilities and is a top D2 lacrosse program.

During the recruiting process make sure to stay positive and keep your options open. Have an open mind and continue to work hard.

My favorite part of playing for Philly Blast is the coaches and the teammates I have gained over the years. I love going to the tournaments and practices. We have such great chemistry and it is always so much fun playing with them.

Tampa, Presbyterian, Winthrop

I want to thank all the coaches that have been here along the way. Especially Josie for her guidance and her amazing coaching throughout the years. Thank you to my parents who have supported me through the whole process. Also thank you to all my teammates who have always been a great support!