Kathryn Toohey

Graduation Year




high school

Garnet Valley High School


Penn State University (DI)


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“I love Penn State, the big campus atmosphere and it’s location in the mountains. PSU has been my dream school for a long time and I knew it could challenge me both athletically and academically. When I met the coaches and the team, I was sure it was the school for me. I loved the team’s chemistry and everyone’s determination to strive for greatness.”

“Keep an open mind about the process and the schools you visit. Try to visit as many schools as possible and don’t be afraid to get to know the players and coaches.”

“My favorite part is having the opportunity to get better and learn something new every practice. The coaches are so helpful and really try to challenge you to learn new techniques! I also really enjoy playing with my 2020 teammates every fall and summer season – it has been awesome getting to know so many different people!”

Hopkins, Loyola, Florida, Navy

Honor Roll 2014, 2015; Distinguished Honor Roll 2016; 2016 Maximum Exposure All-Star Team; 2016 Under Armour All-America Underclassmen Philly Team; 2016 3D Fall Freshmen Camp All-Star Team; Selected 2015 girls Pennsylvania Brine lacrosse team

I would like to thank my coach Josie for helping me find the school for me. She has been so helpful throughout the process. I don’t know where I would be without her. Also, I would like to thank my older sister for her encouragement and being there when I needed her. In addition, I would like to thank my parents for always being by my side and supporting me as I made my decision.