Olivia Brenner

Graduation Year




high school

Garnet Valley High School


Drexel University (DI)


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“Drexel University is located in the heart of Philadelphia and I love the city! Drexel offers an amazing Co-op program which will help me gain experience in my major. I want to be a business major with a concentration in Marketing/Advertising and maybe Graphic Design. I love the coaching style and philosophy of Coach Rudloff, Coach Moran, & Coach Cifarelli and feel that Drexel’s lacrosse program will be a great fit for me!”

I would recommend to stay calm and not stress over it. In the end there is a school for everyone! Also, make sure you visit as many schools as possible, this way when you make your decision you definitely know what school would be the best fit for you.”

“My favorite part of Philly Blast Lacrosse is getting to play with all of my blast teammates! Everybody helps each other strive to greatness. Overall, its a great environment to be apart of. Additionally, the coaching staff is outstanding and the training is awesome!”

Villanova, Brown, Delaware

Elected Garnet Valley HS Class Representative for Class of 2020, Elected Member of Garnet Valley HS Student Council 2016-2020, Member of Garnet Valley HS Interact Club 2016, Garnet Valley HS Academic Honor Roll 2016-2017, Eastern PA State Soccer Champions 1776 United Xtremes Spring 2016, Ambassador Leadership Award Garnet Valley MS 2016, Coaches & Captain Award Garnet Valley MS 2016, All Star Team 3dlacrosse Camp 2016, Selected for Empire Lacrosse Showcase 2017, National Tournament Philly Team 2017

I want to sincerely thank both Julie and Josie for sharing with me their love of the game. It is through their passion for coaching that I have learned valuables lessons both on and off the field. Thank you both for being amazing role models and inspiring me to love the game the way you do and pushing me to always strive to be better. Thank you to my teammates, none of this would be possible without you! I couldn’t ask for better teammates and friends. Thank you to Coach Purvis for all of your encouragement and support and helping me grow as a player. Also, thank you to the Coach Rudloff, Coach Moran and Coach Cifarelli for believing in me, I am looking forward to becoming a Dragon! Lastly, I would like to thank my family for always being there for me, your ongoing encouragement means the world to me.