Blast opens fall season at The Challenge!

Philly Blast 2019, 2020, and 2021 competed at “The Challenge” on September 20th to kick off the fall tournament season!

Philly Blast 2019 Blue & White competed in the high school division alongside Hot Shots, Jersey Lightning (division winner), Monarchs, Ultimate, Solar Flare, Gov Miff, and Noreaster (A & B teams). The 2019s had exciting wins over both Noreaster teams and Gov Miff as well as intense games against Monarchs and Solar Flare. The game against Jersey Lightning, the ultimate division champs, was back and forth until the end, with Blast coming up short by only by a few goals.

Philly Blast 2020 & 2021 competed in the middle school division against Braveheart 2021, BBL 2020 Black (division winner), Noreaster, and Ultimate. Philly Blast 2021 played hard against the older middle school teams (2020) in the division during bracket play and dominated Noreaster in both playoff games. Philly Blast 2020 also beat Noreaster as well as the eventual division champion, BBL 2020 Black, during regular bracket play.

Coaches at The Challenge: Josie Ferri, Caroline Dodds, Carolyn Dottino, Cassidy Luidens, Jackie Froccaro, Tierney Griff, and Julia Michaels (goalies).

the challenge collage

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